Gifts for Men

No surprise here, but men who use that “I don’t want anything” excuse around Christmas time are impossible to shop for.  I’ve compiled a list of all the different men in my life and some different ideas.

My Dad – Dad’s are strange creatures when it comes to shopping for them for Christmas, I find my dad has a reservation about asking me, his daughter, to get him anything.  Which always makes it infinitely more difficult.

My advice to you is have a look at your father’s hobbies.  My dad’s hobbies include:

  • Bird Watching – and recording.
  • Cross-Stitching.
  • Stamp Collecting – and arranging.
  • Reading – but only books by a select few authors.
  • Listing to his old records.

The issue with my dad however, is that he weaves in and out of hobbies, like for example he’s currently into stamp collecting, but seems to be drifting back into bird watching slowly.  Cross-stitching is currently not on his radar.

Taking a look at this, here are somethings I thought about getting him this year.

  1. Notebook for recording his life-list birds.
  2. New cross-stitching frame.
  3. Magnifying glass for his stamp collecting.
  4. A newly released book by one of the authors he reads.

Ultimately, I ended up getting him one of the books he wants (he told my mom 4 books that he wanted so each of us is getting him one!).

My Brother – My brother is BY FAR the most difficult man for me to shop for.  Unlike my dad he doesn’t really have many well-developed hobbies yet because he’s so busy with school all the time.  And unfortunately my brother is in film school so everything he wants or needs in regards to school is WAY out of my price range.

Ever since he’s started film school his taste in movies is way different than it used to be so buying movies for him is impossible, because everything I know he likes he already has and I just can’t take chances with anything else.

Thankfully this year my brother has been REALLY into Star Wars.  With all of this in mind here are some of the things I thought of getting him this year.

  1. Gift cards to clothing and/or film stores.
  2. Posters for shows he likes.
  3. Essentially any Star Wars Memorabilia.
  4. A mug.

I know that list is really lame, I told you he’s impossible!  I ended up getting him a Star Wars T-Shirt and a Millennium Falcon alarm clock that plays the Star Wars theme.

My Boyfriend – In November my boyfriend got me literally the best gift anyone could give.  He got me Winter Tires, the gift of safety.  I was really stressed out because I didn’t think I would be able to afford them.  And when he surprised me with used ones that he bought for me I honestly broke down.

NOW I need to get him something really special for Christmas.  Much like my father I thought about my boyfriends likes and life style.  He is a pilot and flight instructor, and although it’s his job it is also very much his hobby.

He’s also very fashion conscious and because he’s from the tropics, tends to get pretty cold in our Canadian winters.  Here are a couple things that I thought of getting him:

  1. Paying for the plane so that we can go flying again on our own.  Ever since he’s stopped being a student he doesn’t really fly on his own anymore, just with his students.
  2. Pilot memorabilia.
  3. Something about his home country.
  4. Warm winter clothing.

Alike last year I am knitting him another scarf.  I also contacted his sister and she has send me many family photos that I have mixed with ones I’ve taken and put in a photo album for him.  I bought him some mens’ soap from an independent soap maker in the scent of black pepper and sugarcane.  And I am thinking about making a wallet out of the old map for him.

This year I am not buying for my two uncles or my grandfather (the other has passed 3 years ago).  But these three guys are REAL toughy’s to shop for.  Which is suppose is what happens when you don’t spend a lot of time with people.

I am thinking about making a stocking stuffer post shortly before Christmas.

Until then <3.


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