Things to not do in a medical office as told by a Medical Receptionist

1. Do not ask the receptionist to tell you your results.
a. If you do ask, do not become angry when she refuses. The receptionist (or anyone who is not directly over-seeing your care, aka the doctor) is not allowed to discuss your results with you, good or bad.

2. Do not ask the receptionist for medical advice.
a. Also do not expect to receive medical advice over the phone from any part of the medical team (including the doctor). Sometimes the doctors will offer up results or next steps over the phone, but this should never be assumed and you must always be willing to come to the office in order for the doctor to best care for you.

3. Do not present the receptionist with a question and then argue with her when you do not receive the answer you wanted. Seriously… if you have been having chest pains for 3 days go to the emergency room.
a. Furthermore do not assume that the receptionist has had no schooling in medicine. Where it is true that not all receptionists start through a medical admin program, and learn as they go, that is not true for all receptionists. Some of us went to school for this.

4. Do not complain about the forms we ask you to fill out.
a. Better yet do not refuse to fill them out. Knowing your medical history better assists the doctor in your care. And by not filling out the forms you risk the doctor not knowing everything they should before proceeding with the procedure or treatment.

5. Do not complain about the wait time if it is under an hour.
a. And if your wait time is longer, please understand that delays do happen, especially in a out-patient procedure clinic where difficult cases can something double or quadruple from the length of a normal procedure. The doctors will not rush the care of a patient and the staff will not request they do either.

6. Do not threaten or yell or in anyway scare ANY employee if you do get angry.
a. Story time: One time the power went out in our clinic and we were unable to finish the procedures for the day, which understandably upset some people. One man, however, decided to scream at us, attempt to grab our phones from us (we were using them for light), and then without permission barged into the endoscopy suite and was seemingly ready to hit the doctor. I ultimately shouted at the man to leave as it had been going on for over an hour. Really, we should have called the police once it reached the point of dangerous for the staff and other patients in the clinic.


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