Toronto Yoga Conference 2016

Sunday April 3 was the last day of the Toronto Yoga Conference 2016.  This was my first year attending and unfortunately earlier this week I came down with a cold accompanied by bronchitis-type-symptoms (fun!).  So I was unable to do any of the actual yoga classes due to not wanting to make myself light headed or anything of the sort.


For breakfast I made my boyfriend and I some spinach and mushroom baked egg ramekin.  Which was delicious and the perfect start to my day.


Not wanting to drive into downtown Toronto (seriously finding parking is a TASK) I opted for the GO-train which is a  good option although slightly confusing when you don’t normally take the train places.  I was lost in Union station trying to find the Metro Convention Centre for like an hour…

I met up with a friend at the conference and there had to have been like 300+ vendors there.  A lot of handmade jewelry and clothing, lots of juice cleansing businesses or tea booths, and quite a variety of essential oils and other things like that.

As I’ve learned in the past, it is always better to look at everything first before you purchase, so we walked around first, then grabbed some lunch.  I grabbed a Portabello mushroom burger, which, although messy, was very yummy.  We then went back to the stuff we new we wanted to buy.







Total purchases:

  1. Ohm symbol purse
  2. Yoga pants
  3. A bunch of juice-cleanse juices
  4. Tea (which if you know me is not a surprise)
  5. And a vegan recipe book

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