Knitting Bag Essentials

No matter what craft or art you choose to immerse yourself in there is always essentials you should have with you, some obvious and some not so obvious.

Some things in this post will be an essential for many arting/crafting ladies and gentlemen, some things will just be essential to the fibre arts world.

Let’s begin!

This is my knitting bag:


A beautiful gift that my Mom’s business partner and friend, Vickie, picked up for me in India.  Her website can be found here.

The first, very obvious, essential you should have in your knitting bag is your project.  This is mine:


You should also have your needles:


And your yarn:


AND your pattern:


You can purchase this pattern (by my beautiful mother): Here.

I like to carry around this little pouch in my bag to keep all my tid-bits in one place:


Pouch made by SewTara.  Her website can be found here.

Within the pouch I house: Scissors, Cable needles, Darning needle, and the thing to tighten my interchangeable knitting needles:


Knitting needle case:


Which currently only houses my DPNs since my other needles are in other, forgotten, projects:


Hand lotion.  I find working with fibre and having it constantly running through my palm and fingers easily dries out my skin so I always have some in my bag, just in case:


Some hand sanitizer, just in case you need to sanitize your hands (???):


And some tissue because sometimes you fall in love with a yarn that you turn out to be allergic to and I don’t know about you but I’d rather not drip snot all over my knitting:


And that, friend’s, concludes the list of my knitting bag essentials.  Comment and tell me if there’s anything you find essential for your knitting bag.




2 thoughts on “Knitting Bag Essentials

  1. Funny you should post this. I was thinking of posting what is in my bag as well. Love the handsanitizer. Lol.


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