Why I prefer Tea over Coffee

Okay, so obviously I drink both.  However I usually only drink coffee if I need to wake up or it’s a dessert option (ie. super sweet Starbucks drinks).  Tea is something that I drink all the time for any occasion, and here is why.

  1. There are far more variety.
    1. I mean think about it, not only is there black, chai, herbal, green, etc.  There’s also endless flavours!  Specifically in Herbal teas.  If you ever get bored of one tea you can just start drinking another.
  2.  It doesn’t cause stomach pains or long trips to the toilet.
    1. Tea has a much lower caffeine content than coffee, and therefore is more gentle on my body.  I also do not drink tea with milk, and milk is something my body has never agreed with.
  3. No crash after the high.
    1. Coffee wakes you up so fast, which is really useful sometimes, but if you don’t manage to get food into you right away the crash not only comes soon, but it comes on hard.  With tea it’s a slow gentle wake-up and a slow gentle down.
  4. They all have different uses.
    1. If I need to calm down for bed time, Chamomile.  If I need to wake up, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, or Orange Pekoe.  If my stomach is hurting, Peppermint tea.  If I have a sore throat Lemon Tea with some honey in it.  The possibilities are endless!
  5. It’s more fun offering tea than coffee.
    1. Asking people if they want coffee is so boring.  Asking people if they want to tea is quite an event. For me it usually ends up with pulling all my teas out of the cupboard and often people have to sift through and look at all the flavours before they decide.  It’s a lot of fun.

Do you prefer Tea or Coffee?  Why?


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