Top 10 Pinterest board topic ideas

  1. A board for Halloween
    1. Decoration ideas, costume ideas, spooky yummy treat ideas.
  2. A board for Christmas
    1. Decoration ideas, gift ideas, gift wrapping ideas, party ideas, food ideas.
    2. Christmas – Rhea Munroe
  3. A board for a project you want to do – big or small – near or far
    1. Tiny house, DIY products (bath bombs, pottery, etc.)
  4. A board for food-spiration
    1. Healthy, Vegetarian, Vegan, Just-plain-yummy.
    2. Food-spiration – Rhea Munroe
  5. A board for your pets
    1. Housing ideas, grooming ideas, training techniques, general information.
  6. A board for your hobby
    1. Knitting, wood working, running, gardening, etc.
    2. Knitting – Rhea Munroe
  7. A board for clothing
    1. All-in-one or separated into types of clothing.
  8. A board for your well-being
    1. Health and fitness, organisational, advice.
    2. Yoga – Rhea Munroe
  9. A board for beauty
    1. Make-up, nail art, skin care
  10. A board for travel
    1. General travel or specific travel
    2. Mauritius – Rhea Munroe

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