5 Gift ideas for Co-Workers

Co-Workers can be impossible to buy for, especially when you really don’t know them all that well.  Here is a couple of good ideas for any co-worker!

  1. If your co-worker works mainly from a desk, a “cubicle gift-basket” is a wonderful idea!  You can put things like a desk calendar, some mini chocolate (for snacking!) and various mini versions of everyday office supplies in it.
  2. A personalized mug for the office.  This can be done easily and cheaply by using a marker and an oven.  See a tutorial here.
  3. Baked goods.  If you’re anything like me, homemade cookies come out of your hoo-haa this time of year.  Instead of eating them all by your self why not share the love and gift them in some beautiful home-made cookie boxes.  A tutorial on how to make them here.
  4. Or if baking is not your strong suit why not give them cookies-in-a-jar!  If you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, this is when you take a mason jar and layer all the dry ingredients for a cookie in it and give it with instructions on how to make them!  You can also do Hot Chocolate-in-a-jar, Soup-in-a-jar, etc.  Just googling this should yield PLENTY of yummy recipes.
  5. And if you’re at a complete loss for what to get for your co-workers, buy some boxed chocolates.  Everyone loves chocolate!

And on that note, I hope everyone has a happy holiday season, and if you’re American, hope you’re Thanksgiving is smashing!  I know I’ll be enjoying the holiday spirit leading up to Christmas.


Hopefully I will get around to posting once more before Christmas arrives, everyone cross your fingers and wish really hard for me!




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