14 days to destress

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty stressed.  Normal things.  Money, Health, Work.

I saw a post on pinterst about a 21 day mental wellness challenge.  I liked the idea, but not all of the “challenges” so I’ve compiled my own challenges to help me destress. Feel free to follow along and comment with your interpretations of the challenges as well.

There is no rule for which order you do these in, pick which ever suits you for the day! (Although you may want to keep #1 as the first one!).

  1. Pick one thing you would like to try and do throughout the 14 days and start it today.  I will be doing at least 30 minutes of yoga every day.
  2. Take 1 hour, no technology, just reading – pleasure reading.  Now, pleasure reading could mean anything, for me it means books that I’m not using as part of work or school, but my boyfriend actually finds the book he’s studying for school SUPER fascinating, so for him that IS pleasure reading (seriously you should see him spew plane jargon at me in the heat of his exciting study session!).
  3. De-clutter a room.  Is it just me or do clean surfaces ease the brain?
  4. Swear off social media for the day.  With smart phones, and computers at an arms reach these days, this one is sure to be tough.  But sometimes you just need to pay more attention to the outside world, you know?
  5. Toss or donate 5 things you never use.  We all have those things that we won’t toss because “I’ll use it one day!” and then you never use it.  Seriously, get rid of it, it’s only cluttering your life and brain.
  6. Eat lunch outside.  Yes, I know it’s cold, but fresh air is good!
  7. Wake up 30 minutes early to meditate/do yoga/read/pray/etc.  Seriously just take some extra time to do whatever it is you enjoy doing in the morning.
  8. Make a music playlist to pump you up and put you in a good mood on your way to work.
  9. Make time for a good wholesome breakfast.  My example would be: scrambled eggs, sauteed cherry tomatoes and spinach, buttered whole grain toast, and maybe a banana or apple if I’m really hungry!
  10. Do one thing that you’ve been putting off.  I know this will be a big one for anxiety sufferers, because that’s what we do!  We put stuff off because anxiety and then it just continues to make us more anxious until we are finally confronted with it and have no other choice but to do it.
  11. Take 10 minutes to journal at the end of the day – however you want, sometimes I will write about my day, other times I may have the first few paragraphs of a book planned out in my head, based on the type of day I had.  As long as you get your feelings out, it doesn’t matter how.  Be is story, a general explanation, or art.
  12. Clean out your handbag.  Is it just me or do those things just collect receipts!
  13.  DIY spa day.  Do a face mask, give yourself a hand/foot massage, nail polish!
  14. Make every meal a healthy one.  Sometimes when I start to notice I feel really bogged down, physically and mentally, a day or 2 of really strict healthy eating (no extra sweets, grease, or salt!) helps me feel a little better.

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