2017 New Years Resolutions

*Bolded are my most desired goals

  1. Reach 8,000 steps per day on my pedometer every day.
  2. Pack my work lunch 4-5 days of the week (I normally work 5 day weeks).
  3. Volunteer somewhere.
  4. Manage my credit card debt.
  5. Give up pop and animal milks (I did it once before in 2012/2013).
  6. Rediscover yoga.
  7. Read more, watch T.V. less.
  8. Catch up with friends face to face instead of on social media.
  9. Keep a journal the whole year.
  10. Lose 20 lbs (about 1/2 of what I need to lose to reach my main goal – but I don’t want to set myself up for failure by expected too much of myself so I’ve settled a goal of 20 lbs is easiest for me).

What are you’re 2017 resolutions?


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