Today I am sad

Last night there was a bombing(s) – I’ve seen conflicting reports about 1 or 2 blasts – after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester England.  The arena is said to hold about 21,000 people and according the reports I’ve seen it was – or at least almost – a sold out show.

I am from Canada, and I heard the news shortly after it happened when watching The Voice.  As of when I went to bed last night I was reading 19 dead and 50 injured and when I woke up that number had risen to 22 dead and 59 injured.  It also appears that ISIS has taken responsibility for the suicide bombing – as police believe to have found the bomber amoungst the deceased.

This morning while making breakfast I has a moment of tears.  I know I am nowhere near where these attacks took place, but it still feels close to home.  I can feel the terror in my heart and the fear that will accompany me anytime I visit a venue holding large amounts of people.

I am sad today because it appears that teens and kids were the main targets in this attack, as that is Ariana Grande’s main audience.  As of right now two names of the deceased has been released, a teenager and an 8 year old girl.  How devastating.  Any child or teenager who has survived these attacks will be broken for a long time, their innocence has been stolen from them and they now see what kind of evil is out there in the world.

Upon reading multiple articles about this and have come across some disturbing comments blaming all Muslims for this attack.  In these times of terror we can not let our fear cause us to hate the entirety of one religion.  Muslim is a very peaceful religion and every single Muslim person I know has been nothing but understanding, nice, and informative.

The people who act in support of the actions that ISIS takes are NOT true Muslims in my opinion.  This is – in it’s simplest terms – an attack by a terrorist group NOT by Muslims.  We must not allow Islamophobia to take over.

I send love a healing thoughts to those affected by these bombing.

I send my sincerest sympathy’s the the family’s of those who died during these attacks.

and I send love and healing thoughts to those who will be subjected to hate crimes following these attacks simply because they are Muslim.

And I send love and healing thoughts to all of human race who has been affected by terrorism in the past, present, and future.

Please love one another.  Please allow this devastating situation to allow us as people to come together and heal, do not let it divide us.


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