Achieving a healthy lifestyle

Attempt number five hundred and twelve.

As I’ve written about on this blog before I have struggled severely with healthy eating all my life and more so when 4 of my family members passed away in close succession to each other in 2012-2013.  Ever since then I have made countless attempts to put myself back on track, and as many people know it has not been easy and I have fallen off of the horse more times than I can count.

I went to school with this woman who has since become a personal trainer, and I’ve always told myself that when I make enough money to afford a personal trainer I would reach out to her.  I am still poor however, so when she announced that she was offering online counselling for a reasonable price that I knew was do-able for me I jumped at the chance.

Included in this service that she is offering is:

  1. A rough food-list and meal plan – once a month
  2. 3 workout videos between 15-45 minutes a week
  3. Access to her private chat page for clients (I LOVE this as I’m very uneducated about what’s healthy and what’s not and I don’t know much about nutrition so this is a great place for me to clear up any misconceptions I may have – also having a community of others to talk to is great motivation
  4. As she’s noted, other perks along the way.
  5. Also the ability to cancel at any time.

I am really looking forward to trying this out.  I have taken my measurements and weight and won’t check them again until the end of the month to see what kind of progress has been made.

I am really hoping this will be good for me.




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