Grounding Box

Do you suffer from depression or anxiety or any other mental health disorder? Do you find when you are having an attack you don't know what or how to ground yourself, calm yourself down? Maybe it's time to try a grounding box! But first off, what is grounding?  This is the act of utilizing the [...]


My personal food porn – a photo story

Morning Pages – My Experience

When I fist heard about morning pages I was intrigued, yet confused. "What ARE you supposed to write about!?" I thought. So, because I'm some what of a perfectionist - especially when it comes to keeping notebooks consistent - I kept googling "how to write morning pages" "what to write in morning pages" "what types [...]

Happy New Year 2018!

Whether you had a great 2017 or a hard 2017 the time has come to embrace a new beginning in the form of 2018. I, for one, struggled a lot with my mental health this year, dealing with quite a bit of loss in multiple forms and also some pretty big changes.  My stress levels [...]