5 ideas to help make your apartment a home

  1. Candles – Something about the ambiance and the smell of candles really helps make an unfamiliar space feel like home.
  2. Garden – When I grew tired of the view we had of our neighbors fence I placed some potted Geraniums in front of the windows to give our view a little more wow-factor.  Not only is it beautiful, but the act of gardening is also very helpful in making a space feel like your home.
  3. Baking – Because who doesn’t like the smell of fresh baked bread, or Christmas cookies?
  4. Throw pillows – Establishing a colour theme with your furniture is always a good idea, for example, buying couch covers and some throw pillows to match!
  5. Photos – Mounting personal photos or just photos you enjoy on your walls really helps to liven up an otherwise boring beige wall.  In my apartment I have some paintings done by my aunt, a couple of water colours I purchased from an artist,  a cross-stitching done by my dad, and felt-piece done by my mom, and a photo taken by me up on the walls in the living room.  In my bedroom I have a lot of personal photos of my SO and I.

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