5 musts for mental health


  •  GET A PSYCHIATRIST – You wouldn’t rely on your GP for cancer treatments, so why are you relying on them to treat your mental health issues?  Sure GP’s know a little bit, but there is only so much they can do for you.  It’s best to get your ass to a psychiatrist – someone who specializes in medications for mental health.


  • GET A THERAPIST – So, now that you’ve got a psychiatrist, you’ve noticed that they mostly focus on your medications and don’t discuss your issues in great depth with you.  It’s time to see a therapist/counselor/psychologist.  These professionals will work with you to discover and heal your self deep down to the core.  Shop around for not only someone you click with, but also an approach that you click with.


  • DO THINGS – Yes, I know it’s hard.  And even though you may not be able to enjoy doing those things in the moment.  It sure as hell is healthier for your mind and body than sitting in bed all day.  It can get frustrating constantly getting out and doing things that you can’t enjoy, but it is absolutely essential in recovery.


  • SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SUPPORT – A support system is always a good idea.  Someone you can call when your feeling unsafe.  Someone who understands what it is your going through.  People who care about your safety and force you to get up everyday, even if you get angry at them for it.  Someone who cares enough to ask you everyday if you’ve taken your medication.  Support is one of the strongest forces in recovery.


  • EAT – Remembering to nourish your body even if you’re not hungry or have a low appetite is SO SO important.  Ideally you should be nourishing your body with healthy foods.  But sometimes, if you haven’t eaten in 2 days and a microwaved frozen mac and cheese is all you can manage, that is okay, at least your eating.

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