Recovery is Hard

Recovering from depression is hard. You want to get better, but you also want to lay in bed all day and feel sorry for yourself. You want to go out, and sometimes you do, but you know there will be no joy in whatever you do, so most times you lay on the couch and [...]


New blog – check it out!

Hi y'all, just dropping in to let you know I'm blogging my efforts at cooking through one of Gordon Ramsay's cook books. Check out my first post here. Thank you <3.  New post on this blog coming soon!

Grounding Box

Do you suffer from depression or anxiety or any other mental health disorder? Do you find when you are having an attack you don't know what or how to ground yourself, calm yourself down? Maybe it's time to try a grounding box! But first off, what is grounding?  This is the act of utilizing the [...]

14 days to destress

Lately I've been feeling pretty stressed.  Normal things.  Money, Health, Work. I saw a post on pinterst about a 21 day mental wellness challenge.  I liked the idea, but not all of the "challenges" so I've compiled my own challenges to help me destress. Feel free to follow along and comment with your interpretations of [...]

Personal Thoughts on Autumn

Autumn is seemingly just around the corner.  According to the calendar it has officially arrived, yet the temperature outside says vastly different things. None the less it hasn't stopped coffee shops from starting to serve the, favourited-by-many, PSL (Pumpkin Spice Latte, for those of you who live under a rock). There are many things I [...]