Top 10 Pinterest board topic ideas

A board for Halloween Decoration ideas, costume ideas, spooky yummy treat ideas. A board for Christmas Decoration ideas, gift ideas, gift wrapping ideas, party ideas, food ideas. Christmas - Rhea Munroe A board for a project you want to do - big or small - near or far Tiny house, DIY products (bath bombs, pottery, [...]


Knitting Bag Essentials

No matter what craft or art you choose to immerse yourself in there is always essentials you should have with you, some obvious and some not so obvious. Some things in this post will be an essential for many arting/crafting ladies and gentlemen, some things will just be essential to the fibre arts world. Let's [...]

Grocery Shopping for a Balanced Diet

Ever since I moved out with my boyfriend, we have been trying to make an effort to eat healthy and balanced.  I am a born and raised Canadian and he is a born and raised Mauritian, so we grew up eating vastly different foods. Basically we both had a little work to do. Before we [...]